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Additional ​Services

Emergency Lighting /
Exit Sign Service

Power failure at your business can be dangerous for your employees and your customers. Make sure your building can be evacuated safely. Have your emergency lighting and exit signs tested to ensure they are operating properly. We offer exit sign and emergency lighting services. We will inspect, test and replace any bulbs or batteries and we also stock a large assortment of bulbs and batteries for prompt service.

Fire Extinguisher
Training Classes

Bucks County Fire Safety Services offers specialized fire extinguisher training classes for your employees. We will perform fire extinguisher training classes geared to the type of hazard present at your location. This includes fire hazards of industrial settings or regular training which is often used in offices, schools, and small businesses. We can set up convenient training classes to fit any number of people and any schedule.

D.O.T Hydrostatic
Testing Center


Bucks County Fire Safety Services is a US DOT Hydrostatic Testing center. Hydrostatic testing ensures the reliability of high pressure cylinders.  Know with confidence that the appropriate US DOT regulations are strictly enforced. We offer 24 hour turn around service on SCBA cylinders for Fire Companies because we know your equipment is needed and keeping it in service is our priority

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