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When Pricing a Fire Extinguisher Service Company


The ways you are over charged for your fire extinguisher Service!

The National Fire Protection requires that dry chemical fire extinguishers be inspected and certified yearly. In addition to the annual inspection they are required to have maintenance done at 6 years and 12 years. This date is set by the date the fire extinguisher was manufacture.
Most pricing is broken down as:
  • Annual Inspection
  • 6 year Maintenance
  • 12 year Maintenance
  • Service Charge or Travel Charge ( depending on how they list on bill )
Bucks County Fire Safety Services will give you a flat price for each service. We will not add additional cost to your bill in parts that are needed to perform your service.
There are companies that offer low pricing for fire extinguisher service only to hand you a bill you were not expecting.
They will add addition costs to your bill in parts:
  • O rings ,
  • Stem assembly ,
  • Hazmat labels ,
  • 6 year service collars ,
  • Seals ,
  • Pull Pins ,



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